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Giving back is very important, so I try to routinely donate artwork to the Houston Furniture Bank to help with their mission of making empty houses feel more like homes for transitioning individuals and families!

Also, in early 2019, I started an exclusive line of 10”x10” panels created with the specific goal of raising money to support causes that mean something to me.

While I plan to make these panels for causes that mean something to me, they are completely customizable for any uplifting cause, organization or special person if you are interested in a custom panel.

I Can-Cer Vive 4 (2019)
#theluckyfew (2018)
Cancer Sucks - Worthy Causes (2018)
#adoptdontshop 2 (2019)
I Can-Cer Vive 2 - Worthy Causes (2018)
Cancer Sucks But I Got This (2019)
#adoptdontshop (2018)
I Can-Cer Vive 3 (2018)
The ART of Giving Back: Portfolio
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